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It is a usual day and the dude decides to clear the mess in the bills. He calls on the phone and has a rather fierce conversation in the hope of checking if one of the bills is right or wrong. Soon it turns out his gorgeous girlfriend, Juicy Leila, bought a sex toy, actually an ass plug, and didn't tell him anything about that. Of course, the dude feels angry but he also gets very much excited. In fact he wants to test that tight asshole that is stretched with a sex toy. So, he undresses his naughty girlfriend, takes an ass plug out of her anus and thrusts a dick into the gaping hole. He keeps moving cock back and forth inside the sweet asshole and even demands his own portion of oral pleasures which include ass licking and sperm drinking games.Yummy brunette comes to massage salon to get a full body massage in order to get rid of physical stress. She could of course cover her butt, pussy and tits with a towel but she chooses not to do so because she wants to get every inch of her body rubbed. So she lies down on massage table and asks strong masseur to do his job. He oils sexy babe's body from head to toes and then rubs it carefully to prepare her for passionate games. He does not forget to rub her clean shaved pussy and ass. Soon they move onto licking, squeezing, rubbing and making hard sex.Though majority of girls start their solo games by rubbing clits, stunning Juicy Leila prefers to do something special even as foreplay. Slim hottie performs a solo striptease, goes down on all fours, opens her ass cheeks and fingers her tight asshole. When her anus is stretched enough, she takes out her favorite black dildo and teases clit as well as cunt to get a couple of orgasms. Usual babes could stop at that but Juicy Leila goes even further. She stuffs pussy with the sex toy and then keeps fingering anus until she achieves her desired total satisfaction.Stunning brunette babe has a very busy life and that means that she is always busy so when she has some free time she tries to fill it with as many pleasures as it is possible. She confesses she gets a little bit sick and tired of people and this is why she adores spending time at home. What can a hot babe do at home? Should she watch a movie or read a book? No that is too boring for her and this is why she pulls out her favorite sex toy and plays with it.Handsome tutor comes to give Juicy Leila a private geography lesson. He plans to study countries with the dark-haired cutie but she wants to study his dick and balls. Even though the dude tries to argue with the hot smoking babe, soon he gives up and surrenders to the charms of her beautiful, natural tits. He unzips his jeans and gives the hottie all the time she needs to caress his cock with her plump lips and hot tongue. Sure, the tutor doesn't forget to return the favor by licking brunette's wide-open pussy. Finally it is time to penetrate her hot cunt and to feed the cutie with a load of fresh sperm.
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