Hi guys, My name is Skye and I am originally from the sunshine state. But even though now I live on the west coast I always consider New York my home. That is where I got my start  in the modeling industry as a fashion model. I am an only child. Growing up I was a bit awkward because I was so tall. So I kind of kept to myself. I'm really into the arts. I love painting and theater.  I am really into fashion. I like to think I have a unique fashion sense. I can always tell what next seasons trends are going to be. I love going to the beach and hanging out in the sun. As long as I always remember to drench myself in sunblock. My skin is super fair. People often say it looks like porcelain. In the future not sure where exactly I'll end up. I'm the kind of person who lives for the moment. But maybe a fashion vlogger or maybe a PR. Who knows we will all just have to wait and see! :)
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Slut Roulette