I know it doesn't show, but I'm actually a quarter black. My mom is half black, and she's a total hottie. My dad's side is white, but he's pretty tan. I don't know where I got my breasts from because my mom doesn't have much and neither does my grandma. I was very wild when I was younger and didn't listen to my parents and I don't really like my stepdad so I got into trouble a lot. So I ended up in boarding school where I got my act together, well kind of. I'm much more responsible now, and I think I got most of the wild stuff out of my system. I lost my virginity at 14 but didn't really enjoy sex much until around 17. Now I love it and if I don't get it I like to masturbate. My shoot was really wild and a whole lot of fun by the way. The pink vibrator I was using is way better than the one I have and I loved trying the combinations of toys like the butt plug and the vibrator or the dildo that vibrated. The modeling parts were sweet and sorry if I was nervous in the beginning but by the end I wish I couldve shot more.
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