Sierra contacted FTV, wanting to start experimenting in adult, but looking to only do softcore stuff, so FTV was a good fit for her. She sent these photos: ,. I was weary of the multiple tattoos, but she was cute, and had a very good personality; so we set a little shoot up. She's 18, though I thought she was older; she does have a very beautiful smile and eyes. Very charming in person, we started an interview on location, until the people next to us got really noisy. She also had to pee really bad when she first arrived, so I made the first part of her shoot a pee scene (and she did have a lot!). That's when I noticed how full and nice her butt is. She then did a striptease dance, and used the suction cup toy to masturbate. I did cut down the length of the masturbation video as it was originally over 15 minutes long; when she orgasms (genuinely) I couldn't see orgasmic contractions however. I let her try the Big Ten, which is the biggest dick she's ever had, and notice how extremely tight she is -- that vagina locks on to it as she pushes it in or pulls it out. Initially it seemed she couldn't go deep, that is unti she rode it, and took it to her max capacity of 9 inches, near to her belly. Showing off her figure in lingerie, she does some first time anal penetration, with butt fingering and glass toy. As you can see, she really struggles to put that toy in her butt. Like her vagina, super tight. Lastly, we do more teasers on location, with skimpy clothes and heels, enjoying her figure on more time.
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