Morning! I'm an early riser and I like to be up by 7am at least. Always a breakfast first, and a healthy one at that. Eggs are a must with vegetables. I also like to do my morning stretches and exercises when I'm fresh and have had something in my stomach. I don't like working out hungry, I'll just be more tired. It was fun doing my stretching exercises on the videos and naked too. I've always worn clothes because I'm usually doing this stuff at the gym. Quite liberating doing it all in the nude and with that view! The photographer really did a good job of capturing my body and making me understand that I do look good on camera. I'm also happy that the few clothes I brought with me worked out because I was nervous that all the pretty dresses girls wear on ftvgirls is something I don't have. Those silver heels looked so pretty and masturbating near that restaurant was the best! The golf balls made me thing of all the other naughty things I'd like to do for the website and so I'd love to come back and do more shooting.
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Slut Roulette