I'm just a teen still but I'm not really inexperienced or anything, I mean yeah I'm doing porn starting with this website but I'll do more, and I have been sexually active for a long time. I lost my virginity at 13 and love masturbating every day, and I am horny both for sex and just getting off. I even masturbated in the morning before the shoot and the photographer was upset with me that why I didn't save myself for the shoot. I just can't help it if you know what I mean. Maybe I'm a sex addict, but its better than a drug addict. I avoid drugs believe it or not but I do like going to raves and I went to one recently, got a sore throat and thought I was getting covid but then I went and got tested and found out I had strep throat. I also ended up with the bruise on my arm. No, its not an abusive boyfriend or some rough sex or anything. I've had shitty boyfriends before, but right now I'm not seeing anyone. I got banned from tinder because guys in my town will report you if you don't sleep with them on the first night. I'm trying bumble now and I have a date tonight actually. Will I sleep with him? Probably not the first night but if he sticks around he might just get lucky. Too bad the photographer is all prudish and standoffish or he could have had some.
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Slut Roulette